Thop TV – Download Latest Thop TV APK Version For Android

Thop TV is a popular free live streaming and video app for Android devices. With Thop TV, users can watch thousands of live TV channels, movies, TV shows and more without any subscription or fees.

The app provides free access to content that is otherwise only available on premium subscription-based streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar etc. This makes it an excellent free alternative for users looking for entertainment options on their Android smartphones and tablets.

Thop TV APP Details

1 m+
42 MB
System Requirement:
Android 4.4 and up
App Version:
Latest Version
All Features:
Android 4.4
Last Update:
1 Days Ago

Overview of Thop TV

Some key things to know about ThopTV :

  • Completely free – No subscription or account needed to access content
  • Android only – Available only for Android mobiles and tablets
  • Live TV – Offers 1000s of live TV channels
  • Movies & TV shows – Huge catalog of movies and TV shows to stream
  • Sports – Live streaming of cricket, football, tennis etc.
  • Subtitles – Subtitles available for content in different languages
  • User friendly interface – Easy to find and stream content

Key Features of Thop TV


ThopTV comes packed with a number of useful features that enable an excellent streaming experience for users. Here are some of the key highlights:

Massive Collection of Content

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The ThopTV app grants access to a huge catalog of entertainment content covering:

  • Live TV
  • 1000+ live TV channels across genres and languages
    • Indian (Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam etc) and International channels
    • News, movies, sports, music, lifestyle, entertainment etc
  • 24×7 news channels
  • Regional language channels
  • Movies
  • Extensive collection of new and old movies
    • Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional movies
  • All genres – action, comedy, thriller, romance etc.
  • TV Shows
  • Latest episodes of popular Indian and International TV shows
  • Older shows and completed series
  • Indian soap operas, reality shows, comedy shows etc.
  • Web Series
  • Latest Indian and International web series
  • Original exclusive shows from streaming platforms
  • Sports
  • Live streaming of cricket, football, tennis, Kabaddi etc.
  • Tournaments like IPL, World Cup etc.
  • Music
  • Songs and music albums across languages
  • Different genres – pop, rock, hip-hop etc.

This vast collection caters to entertainment tastes of every user – kids, young adults, seniors etc.

Live TV Streaming

Thop TV’s biggest highlight is its live TV streaming feature. It offers:

  • Real-time streaming of 1000+ live TV channels
  • All popular Indian channels – Sony, ZeeTV, Star Plus, Colors, regional channels etc.
  • Indian language channels – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali etc.
  • Sports channels showing live cricket, football, tennis, WWE etc.
  • News channels – domestic and global
  • Smooth streaming without lag or buffering issues

With live TV alone, ThopTV provides endless entertainment.

Downloads for Offline Viewing

Users can also download movies, shows, videos for offline viewing:

  • Download videos when connected to WiFi
  • Watch downloaded content later without internet
  • Ideal for areas with poor connectivity
  • Saves mobile data costs
  • View content on the go – flights, travels etc.

This makes ThopTV great for streaming on-the-go.


Thop TV has subtitles available for most movies and shows in:

  • English, Hindi, Tamil and other Indian languages
  • Makes foreign language content accessible
  • Useful when watching in noisy environments

Supports External Players

Thop TV allows using external video players like MX Player, VLC etc:

  • Play content through external players
  • Enhanced playback experience
  • Ability to download streams from external players

User-Friendly Interface

Thop TV has an intuitive user-friendly interface:

  • Easy navigation
  • Content organized into sections and categories
  • Simple search for movies, shows etc.
  • Interface scaled for big screen casting
  • Suitable for users of all age groups

Cast to TV Support

Thop TV supports casting the screen onto the TV:

  • Cast mobile screen using Google Cast
  • Watch movies, shows, live sports on big TV screen
  • Chromecast support for non-smart TVs
  • Better experience than small mobile screens

Kids Mode

Thop TV has a dedicated Kids mode:

  • Kids section with age appropriate content
  • Filters out adult content
  • Cartoons, animated movies, learning videos
  • Parental controls to restrict access

Overall, Thop TV offers a top-notch streaming experience with its wide array of useful features – unmatched for a free streaming app.

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Downloading and Installing Thop TV

Since Thop TV is not available on the Google Play Store, users need to download the Thop TV APK file and sideload it onto their Android device. Here are the steps to download and install Thop TV:

Downloading Thop TV APK

The latest Thop TV APK file can be downloaded from:

Download The Latest thop tv App

It’s easy to install the app; click on the below download button, and the download starts; it’s 100% safe; you can check its safety on the VirusTotal website before installing it.

When downloading the APK file:

  • Only use reputable sources
  • Check the publisher details for authenticity
  • Download the latest version of the app
  • Avoid unknown sites as they may contain malware

Enabling Unknown Sources

By default, Android blocks installation of apps from outside the Play Store. To install the Thop TV APK, enable Unknown Sources:

  • Go to Android Settings > Security
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option
  • This will now allow installing apps from APK files

Installing Thop TV APK

Follow these steps to install Thop TV on your Android device:

  • Open the downloaded Thop TV APK file
  • Tap on Install to start the installation process
  • Accept the app permissions when prompted
  • The app will be installed on your device after completing the process

Verifying App Authenticity

Before using the installed app, verify it is authentic:

  • Check the app’s publisher name matches official Thop TV
  • Review the app’s permissions
  • Use the app for a while to ensure normal behavior
  • Check app info to see if it is digitally signed

This completes Thop TV installation on your Android device. You can now access the huge catalog of movies, shows, live TV and other content.

Alternative Install Methods

Some other ways to install Thop TV include:

  • Filelinked – Enter Thop TV code to directly install
  • Downloader apps – Like APK Downloader, Uptodown etc.
  • Transfer from PC – Transfer APK via USB cable or cloud storage

The APK file gives you the flexibility to install Thop TV on any Android device quickly and easily.

You can now enjoy unlimited entertainment from the huge content library offered by Thop TV for free. Just be cautious about the usage legality.

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Using Thop TV App

Once Thop TV is installed on your Android device, you can start streaming the huge catalog of movies, shows, live TV channels and more. Here is how you can use Thop TV:

Browsing Content

  • Open the Thop TV app to browse content
  • Movies – Latest and old Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional movies
  • TV shows – Huge collection of popular Indian and International shows
  • Live TV – 1000+ live channels in different languages
  • Sports – Live cricket, football, tennis, WWE etc
  • Web series – Latest Indian and International web series
  • Music – Songs and albums in different languages

Streaming and Downloads

  • Stream content over WiFi or mobile data
  • Download movies, shows, videos using the download option
  • Downloaded content can be watched offline without internet

Using External Players

  • Thop TV supports external players like MX Player, VLC etc
  • Open content link in preferred external player
  • Get better playback experience

Managing Favorites

  • Add favorite movies, shows, channels to Favorites
  • Easily access favorites from the dedicated section

Casting to TV

  • Cast Thop TV screen to TV using Google Cast
  • Watch movies, shows on big screen TV

Changing Settings

  • Go to Settings to change video quality, subtitles etc
  • Enable Kids mode to restrict adult content

Using these features you can have a great streaming experience with Thop TV. Just be aware of the legality issues.

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Thop TV App Legality Issues

While Thop TV provides free access to premium streaming content, there are some legality concerns when using the app:

Copyrighted Content

  • Thop TV streams copyrighted movies, shows, live TV channels etc. without authorization
  • This is illegal as it violates content copyright
  • Channels can be taken down anytime for copyright infringement

Not on Play Store

  • Thop TV is not available on Google Play Store
  • Google has removed the app from Play Store due to policy violations
  • APK has to be sideloaded from unknown sources

Legal Action Risk

  • Users streaming copyrighted content are at risk of legal action
  • Movies and TV networks can take legal recourse against infringers
  • Government can block the app and associated websites


Despite the risks, many users continue to use ThopTV. Some precautions they take:

  • Using VPN to mask identity and location
  • Accessing the app from unknown sources cautiously
  • Avoiding the transfer of pirated content from app
  • Not downloading or sharing any movies or shows

While ThopTV makes premium content easily accessible, users should be aware of the associated legal risks. Using caution is advised to avoid potential penalties.

The app’s free streaming comes with some caveats. Users should review local copyright laws before accessing such content.

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ThopTV offers a huge collection of free live TV channels, movies, shows and other content for Android users. Here are some concluding takeaways about the app:

Key Highlights

  • Grants free access to premium streaming content
  • 1000s of live TV channels, extensive movie catalog
  • Useful features like downloads, external players, subtitles etc.
  • User friendly interface optimized for big screen casting
  • Content organized into sections and categories
  • Available exclusively for Android devices

Major Drawbacks

  • Not officially available on Play Store
  • Streams copyrighted content illegally
  • Frequent content takedowns and app blocking
  • Requires sideloading APK from unknown sources

Should You Use It?

  • Excellent free alternative to paid streaming apps
  • Satisfies entertainment needs for Android users
  • However, streaming does violate copyright
  • Users stream content at their own risk

The Verdict

While ThopTV opens endless entertainment possibilities, caution is warranted given the legal concerns. Users should avoid large-scale copyright violations.

For judicious streaming purposes, ThopTV offers an unmatched experience and collection. But ultimately, usage legality remains a gray area that users should evaluate before jumping in.

Proceed with care and awareness to safely unlock ThopTV’s entertainment treasure trove on your Android!

THOP TV Alternative

HD Streamz – This popular free app is like channel surfing live TV with over 900 options. Get news, sports, movies, shows and more in HD. The huge selection of channels covers tons of languages too.

Pikashow – Great for on-demand movies and shows, Pikashow has Hollywood, Bollywood, regional hits and more. You can even download to watch offline. The clean interface makes finding new titles a breeze.

Filmzie – Prefer independent films and docs? Filmzie is a treasure trove with award-winning international picks, horror flicks, comedies and everything in between. There are some ads, but that’s expected with the free content.

Dream TV – Your go-to for live Indian TV, Dream TV has 400+ channels showing serials, movies, sports, reality shows and more. It’s perfectly organized by language and genre too.


Is ThopTV legal to use

No, ThopTV is not a legal app as it provides copyrighted content like movies, TV shows, and live sports for free without authorization. It is recommended to use a VPN while accessing content on ThopTV.

Is ThopTV safe to download on my Android device?

Yes, downloading and installing ThopTV on your Android device is safe as long as you download it from trustworthy sources. It is always advised to scan any APK file with antivirus software before installing.

Why am I facing buffering issues on ThopTV?

Buffering issues on ThopTV can arise due to slow internet connection or if there is high traffic on the servers. Try switching to a faster internet connection or use the app during off-peak hours. Enabling external players like MX Player or VLC can also help.

Does ThopTV work on iOS devices?

No, ThopTV is an Android-only app and cannot be installed directly on iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. You can use ThopTV on iOS by sideloading it with Cydia Impactor or using Android emulators for PC.

What are some good alternatives to ThopTV?

Some top alternatives for ThopTV include Cinema APK, BeeTV, CatMouse APK, MediaBox HD, CyberFlix TV, and FreeFlix HQ. These apps offer similar features like free movies, TV shows, live TV, etc.

Why is ThopTV not available on Google Play Store?

ThopTV is not available on the Google Play Store because it provides unauthorized access to copyrighted content which violates Google’s policies.

How can I download and install ThopTV on my Android device?

You can download the ThopTV APK file from trusted websites. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your Android settings. Locate and install the downloaded APK file. Launch the app and start streaming.

Does ThopTV have ads?

No, the official version of ThopTV does not have any ads. Some cloned or modded versions may contain ads.

Can I cast ThopTV to my TV?

Yes, ThopTV supports casting through Chromecast and other similar devices. Connect your Android device and TV to the same WiFi network and tap the cast button in the player to cast content.

Is there a ThopTV app for PC?

There is no official ThopTV app for PC. You can access ThopTV on a PC by using Android emulators like Bluestacks, Nox Player, etc and then installing the ThopTV APK in the emulator.

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